Sonntag 09.05.2010 Eamma Gorges - Home Valley

Since yesterday afternoon back in Kununurra. Last Thursday (May 6th) I started a bike tour with a young French guy. We wanted to ride up Gib River Road to Derby. My car stayed on the camping ground, watched by an Australian woman. On the first day we made it till Emma Gorges and after an exhausting tour we even hiked up to a pool to enjoy a fresh bath. When we came back to the ranger camp we had to leave the site because camping is noth allowed there and a bungalow costs 240$ - not exactly low priced. We then camped on the side of the street because everywhere else there was gras and thorns. My body was so sore that it refused to eat anything. At half past six I was lying in my tent - totally exhausted. The next day, at 4:30, we got up and packed our stuff. I didn‘t eat anything again because my stomach still felt a little weird. After a few kilometers we reached the junction to El Questro, where parts of the movie Australia have been shot. We took that direction in order to see a hot-water well. Remy, the French guy went on a little further, but I rode back to Gib River Road and went on to Pentecoast River. This River I had to cross - contaminated with crocodiles, water level about 50cm... After a short while standing and thinking a Ranger drove by and asked if I wanted to cross the River? - Yes! We put my baggage into his car and then I pushed my bike next to his car to the other side. There I waited for Remy. He pushed his bike with trailer but without help to the other side of the river. Crocos don‘t like French people!? The next leg was only 9 km, Home Valley, we decided to stay over there - and it was a really nice camping ground. For dinner I forced some spaghetti with pesto basilicum into my stomach. The next day we got up at 4:00. I felt even worse than the day before, still no appetite. I decided to stay another day. Remy, who rode his bike almost twice as fast as I would‘ve been out of my side within five minutes that day. 

I thought a little while about what to do next. Around seven I asked a Ranger if there was somebody to give me a lift back to Kununurra. A couple who works there started at 8 and took me and my pushbike back to Kununurra. 

As a conclusion from the two days: most of the time the Gib Road, where a lot of construction is done, is like corrugated iron of the finest. 

Although I left a lot of the less useful stuff in the car, the weight of the things I had with me, and which I had to have with me, and the extremely high temperatuers asked too much of me - even though I constantly drank and took calcium and magnesium pills. As soon as I got some rest in Kununurra I will move to the cold South, see if biking is easier and more comfortable there. 


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